Treatments & Rates

I offer the following RMT services:

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a relaxation massage. The benefits of a Swedish Massage include decreased stress, improved circulation and tissue health. The lymphatic system is also stimulated which will help to strengthen your immune system. A regular Swedish Massage is recommended for general maintenance and health of the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is particularly helpful to alleviate muscle strain after excessive sports, physical training and prolonged sitting. Muscles can become chronically overused(or under), and adhesions or scar tissue begin to form causing pain and restrictive movement. Deep Tissue Massage works to stimulate and increase circulation in the deeper layers of muscle and nourish the connective tissue to help release lactic acid from our bodies and restore homeostasis.

Joint mobilizations

Joint mobilizations consist of passive movements and are applied in three different ways: 1. a series of gentle, smooth stretches, 2., a sustained stretch to an individual joint, or 3., in a controlled rhythmical fashion called oscillations. A bone is moved in a specific direction, relative to its adjacent joint surface. It is a non-painful technique that can help promote structural alignment, decrease pain, nourish the joint capsule, and allow greater pain free range of motion and mobility.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a strong, fibrous connective tissue that weaves throughout the entire body. It envelopes the skin, muscles, bones, organs, nerves and blood vessels. Often adhesions and restrictions can occur in this connective tissue and it can become a source of pain and limited mobility. Myofascial Release addresses these restrictions to help restore range of motion, improve circulation and decrease debilitating pain.

Myofascial Trigger Point Release

Myofascial Trigger Points are often referred to as “knots” in a muscle and are a very common cause of pain. They are hyperirritable points in skeletal muscle tissue that are present as palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibres. Compression of an Trigger Point may illicit specific point tenderness and/or referred pain. Headaches from tight shoulder muscles are an example of referred pain. Myofascial Trigger Point Release acts to realign these muscle fibres and helps to restore function and mobility, increase circulation and decrease pain.

Massage Therapy Rates

(Tax included)

Please pay by cash or etransfer only. A receipt will be issued upon payment.

24 hours notice of an appointment change is required or a cancellation fee may apply.

*Please note, if you are sick on the day of your appointment, please call to reschedule your appointment, and a cancellation fee will not apply.

Need to know

In accordance with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) Bylaws, the health history form is required to provide a Registered Massage Therapist with pertinent information regarding a client’s signs and symptoms to allow for a safe and effective treatment plan. Read the FAQs and what you need to prepare before your first visit.